Monday, November 9, 2015

The Five Dogs You Meet In Running

I was out for a nice easy run and was thinking what topics about which I could write some new blog posts.  However, my concentration would occasionally be broken as I would hear the growls and barks of the various dogs along my route.  That's when it hit me - I should write a posts about dogs!  While I do not own a dog myself for a variety of reasons, I do enjoy these lovable friends and encounter a surprising number along my usual runs.  As a result, I have compiled a list of categories into which each canine one meets while running could be classified. So I encourage you, consider the different kings of dogs you encounter when you head on your next run!

The Sentinel
Our first type of four-legged friend is what I like to label the "sentinel."  This dog can often be characterized as older, but still attentive to the world around him.  He'll be the one sitting on the porch or laying in the yard as you run by.  As long as you remain off his territory, he will let you pass by without making a sound.  However, he will be keeping an eye on your lest you dare trespass where you are not welcome.

The Greeter
Our second type of dog I have lovingly named the "greeter," which I chose in favor over other less savory titles.  The moment you near this dog's kingdom, he will do his best to make sure you know you have been noticed and will not let you forget that until you are far out of sight.  He's like the usher who will not relent until you have taken a seat in the pew no matter how much you want to stand in the back.  I would say this dog is the one met most by runners and it's clearly because we are clearly having so much fun running that they are jealous.

The Ninja
The third canine is given the distinct honor of being recognized as the "ninja."  When in stealth mode, this dog has the capability to sneak up to his fence and bark the moment you are least expecting it.  Several runners could consider attempting hurdles due to the amount of jump resulting from being startled.  But like any great ninja, the moment you no longer hear him and give a look over your shoulder to see why he has stopped, you discover he has vanished.

The fourth furry acquaintance is well known by all of us - yes, I am speaking about THAT dog.  No run down your normal routes would be complete without encountering him.  You can identify his bark from a mile away and and time perfectly the moment he will come out to visit with you while you stride past his invisible fence.  This dog serves as a staple that while the seasons change, holidays come and go, and time moves on, some things will always remain the same.

The Companion
The last and my favorite dog encountered while running is the "companion."  This canine shows a level of focus and determination as he trots along-side his owner with a comfortable ease.  The dog may give you an acknowledging glance, but he will continue on the path set ahead of him.  This canine knows that he is out on the roads and trails in order to support his owner who trains hard, but is never alone.

Disclaimer:  While dogs are great friends, we runners must also express a healthy suspicion around them for our own safety and well-being.  The Humane Society has great information on staying safe when encountering dogs.

Happy running!

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