Friday, November 13, 2015

5 Healthy for the Holidays Tips

I decided this week to join in on Friday Five, since I have always enjoyed reading these blog posts at the end of a long week.  I'm linking up with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What, and Mar at Mar on the Run.  The theme for this week is five ways to stay healthy during the holidays.

Holidays are always a wonderful time of the year, but they can create some challenges when it comes to not overindulging and also attempting to find times to get in those runs.  Here are five ways to stay on track despite the turkey, Christmas cookies, and champagne.

1.  Make use of extra time: Depending on your progression, the holidays may be an occasion you are out of the office more than in it.  In being a teacher, I am one of those blessed souls who has a few extra days in the house.  Because of this change of schedule, I can go running in the morning instead of the evening, when I may be meeting up with family or friends.  I can also squeeze in a race with many charities sponsoring Turkey Trots, Santa Runs, and  New Years Races.

2.  All things in moderation:  Homemade pierogies and paska are hallmarks at my grandmother's dinner table for the holidays.  The sheer amount of butter, while artery-clogging, tastes so good.  With any amazingly delectable but no-so-healthy food, allow yourself to enjoy it, but only take a little at a time.  I know when I sit down at the table and the aromas hit me, my eyes definitely become larger than my stomach.

3.  Park and walk: Between Black Friday and December 26, we will be spending lots of time going in and out of stores first buying our sweetie that pillow she has been begging for (true story) and returning the sweater that would never see the light of day again if it were kept.  When out shopping, consider parking at the end of the lot and getting some extra walking in.  Not only will you build bigger calves and biceps by carrying your purchases to the back of the lot, but you can also have a slightly easier time avoiding the traffic jams that inevitably happen in front of stores.

4.  Invest in your health:  As runners, we spend a plethora of hours online drooling over the newest apparel and gadgets constantly being released.  This holiday season when the sales are going crazy, consider adding some running gear to your letter to Santa.  Particularly if the is something for the warmer months of the year, it will give you someone to look forward to wearing once the weather shifts.  And, you know, if anyone would like to get me the Garmin Forerunner 25, I'd be totally cool with that.

5.  Make a recovery plan:  In the end, while we do try our hardest to keep things to the norm during the holidays, it's entirely realistic to assume we will not necessarily remain on track.  As a result, consider making a game plan for what you will do once the holidays are over.  Plan out your runs, peruse some training plans, and maybe even sign up for an early spring race.  In formulating your plan prior to the holidays, you will be more likely to avoid the danger of delaying the return to normalcy and routine.

To you and your families, have a blessed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year!

Happy running!


  1. Oh we love periogies. Eating things in moderation is so hard this time of year!

    1. I agree - cheese and potato pierogies are so amazingly good and tempting!