Thursday, November 26, 2015

#RunChatHunt Has Begun!

It's that time of year when a chill breeze is in the air, the scents of apple and pumpkin waft through the house, and the number of decorations a runner sees along his or her route suddenly multiplies.  This last change in the seasons is one of my favorites and it can become just as exciting for you, too!

The great people at #RunChat, who on Sundays provide an awesome twitter chat, want to keep running as interesting as possible and bring a greater awareness of it to a social level.  To accomplish this amazing task, they developed what is referred to as #RunChatHunt.  Think of this activity as a running scavenger hunt.  The goal of the hunt is to find as many items from a list as possible, snap a picture, and share it on social media.  The objects range from seasonal to unique to a little bizarre.  The hope is that each runner will help in capturing his or her running experience and allow others to get a small glimpse into it.  To add to this adventure, for each item you submit, you receive an additional entry for some amazing prizes.  Check out the list of items below:

For more details, list of prizes, and the rules, visit the blog post from #RunChat here.

I will be updating this page with the various pics I take so you can track my progress.  I already have in mind where I want to begin!    Comment below if you want plan to join in the fun!

Happy running!

My #RunChatHunt Finds:

1.  Left-over Halloween Decoration: Looks like one has already served as a snack!
2.  Salvation Army Bell Ringer: He stayed at his post the entire day - that's endurance!
3.  Holiday Running Gear - Wow do they make a lot of Christmas-themed running attire!
4.  Holiday Inflatable - Hello Mr. Christmas Tree!
5.  Something that best represents your city - Pittsburghers are die-hard sports fans!
6.  Race Finish Line - Thank you for your assistance Ugly Sweater Run!
7.  Bridge - Only had 446 to choose from...Yes, we have the most in the world!
8.  View From A Trail - Three Rivers Heritage Trail is my favorite!
9.  High School Track - Finally paid the track a visit and found out it's open to the public!
10.  School Zone Sign - Was leaving the track as it was getting dark and realized I need the sign!
11.  Fake Snowflakes - This heat wave was making it hard to find these gems!

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