Thursday, November 12, 2015

Running Nostalgia

I am always amazed at the sheer amount of running resources that exist on the web.  On a regular basis, I am finding blogs, websites, and news stories that capture every aspect of the running experience.  In some ways then, I shouldn't have been surprised when I came across the website Athlinks.

I was reading through a blog involving the author mentioning her total number of runs according to Athlinks.  Not entirely sure what the blogger was referencing, I did a quick Google search for the website and, lo and behold, discovered a resource that claimed to have records from most races dating back to the beginning of online postings.  My curiosity engaged leading me to search for myself in the database.  When the list appeared, I was suddenly facing a glimpse into my running past.  Names and dates of races from fifteen years ago materialized.  I saw the recurrence of some races I had partaken year after year while others were one-time deals.  My times also reflected my tendency even now to not necessarily be a consistent runner.  I even noticed the summer going into my sophomore year of college when I did a race each of the four summer months.  Hard to believe that was almost ten years ago!

In seeing the various race names, I proceeded to do some searches to identify if any of them still occurred.  Since most of the racing I do is usually sponsored by local organizations, the results came back varied.  While some races have come and gone, others continue to go strong.  In seeing these latter races, I am considering participating in them again just to see how things have changed and what has remained the same.

I would say seeing what my running history had been was enjoyable and brought about a little nostalgia regarding times long past.  But, as is always good in life, I look to what more records I can add into Athlinks and continue my joy of a sport that started many years ago.

Happy running!

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