Thursday, October 22, 2015

Winter is Coming!

Winter is coming

I feel like I am in a George R.R. Martin novel as I think about the Fall leaves drifting off the trees and snowy ground looming in the near future.  That realization set in quickly while running yesterday when half-way through my run my ears were stinging and throat felt raw from the dry, cold air.  The challenge of the run was even more complicated by the quickly darkening skies with dusk arriving that much sooner.  With the chilly weather blowing in and less daylight hours. I figure now is a good a time as any to give three kernels of insight into winter running.

Be Smart About It
In the past few years, winter months have been plagued with sub-zero days and intense storms.  In knowing how driven runners can be, we sometimes need a reality check that a day of working out is not worth endangering our health.  It's for this very reason that God created treadmills and strength-training websites (even though they may seem evil at first!).  No need to pull a George Weasley and lose an ear due to frostbite.

Bundle Up In Layers
Even though you may feel like the boy from A Christmas Story, dressing in layers works wonders.  As you warm up, you can remove any outer layers keeping your body at a comfortable temperature.  The key is to make sure you are wearing fabrics that wick away sweat and can breath a little.  Nothing will leave you feeling like an icicle than a cold blast of air over sweaty skin.

Opt For Reflective Clothing
Since many of us don't have time to run during the middle of the day, we tend to choose to either run in the morning or at night.  The change we may notice most when running at these times is the lack of glorious sunshine.  With Old Man Winter invoking so much darkness, we need to be attentive to how motorists will see us when on a residential road with few lights.  This thought set in when I was running one evening and realized that I was wearing both a black shirt and black running pants and any approaching car would have one heck of a time seeing me (even may pasty white skin would be of little help).  If you do any sort of search for "reflective tape for clothing," you'll find that a number of choices exist.  If you would prefer to not alter your lucky tech shirt, vests are always another option.  Either way, drivers will have greater respect for runners (and not unintentionally run us off the road) if we make it easier to see us.

Think Spring!
I know - we aren't even in Winter yet and Spring is already on the mind.  If you are like me and that's what it takes to endure the long, cold months, go for it!

Hope these tips come in handy and happy and safe running!

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