Saturday, October 31, 2015

Why We Run

My wife and I were driving home from work and having a conversation about fitness.  I remarked about how I was looking forward to my upcoming Clean Air Dash 5K and was considering doing a race every month or two throughout the year with the possibility of even participating in a marathon.  My wife who, while supporting me unconditionally, is a self-proclaimed non-runner and replied, "I don't get it."  After a short Abbot-and-Costello like routine of my trying to figure out what she meant, I finally understood that she was referring to running in general.  While a lover of yoga and dancing and someone who has attempted to get hooked on running several times, my wife couldn't comprehend why people go and run crazy distances for hours on end.

Our conversation did get me thinking about why I enjoy running so much.  One of the reasons I got into running in the first place wasn't because I was super fast, but more along the lines of being terrible at every ball-centered sport everyone attempts growing up.  Basketball, baseball, soccer - complete and total failure at each one.  When I started cross country, I had discovered a sport in which I wouldn't embarrass myself on a regular basis!

Now, many years later, I find that running also satisfies the introvert in me.  While I spend all day in front of students constantly interacting, I am by my nature very reserved and quiet.  I enjoy my solitude away from the noise and busyness of the world around me.  When I am on a trail or running down rural streets, my mind can wander and I am at my most relaxed state.  I am at peace and can endure  high levels of socialization after I have had my run.

If you ever forget why you run, revisit your beginnings and that desire to lace up and head out will come alive.

Happy running!

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