Sunday, October 25, 2015

Product Review: C9 Champion Tech Fleece

With the changing of the weather, I have begun to keep my eye out for any good deals on warmer running clothing, since my wardrobe currently consists of shorts and shirts.  Sadly, what I had been finding lately was generally high-priced coats and pants that are well beyond my price range.  You can imagine my excitement then when I saw that Target was having a sale on its C9 Champion Tech Fleece Full Zip Hoodie.  I own several tech shirts, socks and compression shorts from C9 so my expectations were pretty high that the hoodie would meet my needs.

Up until this point, if the weather was ever cooler than expected, I would usually layer up with one of my college hoodies.  The issue with them is that they are all 100% cotton and thus don't allow for too much ventilation or temperature control.  In addition, any precipitation soaks in adding weight and decreasing the effectiveness of the clothing.  Like many other runners, I have sworn off cotton as a viable fabric for athletic gear until proven otherwise.  Now, on to the review!

The C9 hoodie is 100% polyester while providing the same fleecey feel on the inside as other winter clothing.  The fabric is not overly thick, so it won't keep you warm in the middle of a blizzard.  But, if you are like me in not minding layering in compression/spandex gear, this piece of clothing can make due until the weather truly drops into the snow/freezing rain weather.

When zipped up, the hoodie definitely hugs one's figure.  While not uncomfortable, the styling of the jacket does not leave too much bagginess.  I rather liked the cut, since it made for less wind resistance and actually moved with one's body.  I also liked having a full zipper that I could pull up or down to adjust if I was feeling too warm or cold.

Like any great hoodie, wouldn't be one without it, this jacket does have a hood.  If there is one piece of the clothing that I am not a huge fan of its that the hood seems over-sized compared to the rest of the hoodie.  When I started my run, I pulled up the hood, but found it really didn't fit my head unless I pulled the drawstrings pretty tight.  In addition, where the hood attaches to the rest of the jacket appears too broad thus letting cool air in around the neck.  While in no way a deal-breaker, it is a little bit of an annoyance.

The last piece of note involving the hoodie is the two front pockets.  These pockets are big enough to put a phone in, but I would not recommend using them for this purpose.  The opening to the pocket is fairly large leading me to be a little nervous while running that my phone would tumble out.  The pocket would probably work fine in regard to holding gloves, energy chews, earmuffs, etc.  The pockets are also lined with fleece, so if nothing else, you can keep your hands warm while strolling through the neighborhood.

After taking it for a go, I am very pleased with this hoodie, especially in being able to purchase it for under $25.  Target puts its C9 apparel on sale pretty regularly, so keep an eye out for another wave of discounts in the near future.

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