Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training: Week 5

To say I was excited when I saw this week's forecast would be an understatement.  The moment I noticed the temperature reaching the 60's and sunny most days, I knew spring had arrived!  My body seemed to have know that it was time to awaken from its hibernation as well.

Monday: 3 Miles - My training plan incorporated this week as a mini taper-since my mileage had been increasing steadily for a while.  I just ran by feel this day enjoying the freedom of just running in shorts and a t-shirt.  The clear blue sky made for a perfect workout day.

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: 6 Miles - I decided to hit the trails for this workout, since I didn't feel like running the routes I had used throughout winter.  After finishing about half the run, I decided to push myself a bit and see if I could get my average pace for the run below 9 minutes.  Going hard (and mostly uphill!), I was able to hit my target by finishing with my average at 8:57/mile.

Thursday: 5 Miles - Clouds and rain had moved into the area overnight meaning my run was going to be a wet one.  Oh well!  In some way, the rain seemed to encourage me to push harder.  I was able to finish the run with an average pace of 8:53/mile.

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 4 Miles - Whatever had me going strong in my last few runs seemed to be holding on.  In my first mile, I was already moving at an 8:58/mile pace and by the end finished the last mile in 7:30.  Wow, was I booking it!  While it felt great to be reaching numbers I normally only see in races, I had this nagging feeling that I may have gone a little too hard.

Sunday: Rest Day

By pacing standards, my running had clearly improved from what I was doing throughout the winter months.  However, in retrospect, I should have allowed this week to be the taper it was intended for.  Walking around on Sunday, I commented to my wife how my legs just didn't feel right.  Despite the lower mileage, I felt stiff and more tired than normal.  In the coming week as my distances start to climb again, I may just have to take things easy.  Lesson learned!

Happy Running!

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