Monday, February 29, 2016

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training: Week 3

In some ways, I still cannot wrap my brain around the fact that I am a fourth of the way through my training and the Pittsburgh Half Marathon is only two months away.  Yikes!  However, with all that in mind, I think things have been going well.

Monday: Rest Day - In having gone on a run with Mike the day before (see last week's training recap), I moved the miles planned for this day to the previous.  I instead went on a nice walk with my wife.

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: 5 Miles - The plan for this day had been 4 miles, but in thinking ahead and looking at the forecast (snowy and colder), I figured I was better off getting in the extra distance early.  The workout itself was a little odd primarily due to the weather.  I began in torrential downpours, but finished with a clear blue sky.  Oh the unpredictability of weather!

Thursday: 4 Miles - Well, the weather I knew was going to hit during this workout in fact did.  An added bonus to the cold and snow was the arrive of some intense gusts of wind.  In being anything but aerodynamic due to the number of layers I was wearing, the need for extra effort was a given.  However, the run was pretty decent - I survived and felt I had accomplished something good.  In all honesty though, I am definitely looking forward to spring!

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 7 Miles - This is a number I haven't seen in a while!  When I saw on my training plan that I was approaching this distance, I was getting excited.  My long-run days were beginning to distinguish themselves from my traditional base miles.  The only hesitation I had approaching this run was the fact that I would be at a conference with my students and, in previewing the schedule for the weekend, saw little time to squeeze it in.  I accepted the realization that I would have to run in the morning prior to breakfast after a night in which sleep would be a luxury.  However, things turned out way for the better!  Friday night, one of my students, who knows I'm a runner, made a joke to me about going for a run the next day.  When I responded in sincerity that I was planning to get in 7 miles, two of the students asked if they could join me.  It was one of those rare opportunities as a teacher to interact with students in more than just a classroom setting.  While the one student only made it one mile (for which I am very proud of him!), the other, who is actually a cross country runner, kept pace with me the entire time.  We found some great trails around the retreat center and had some good conversation about running and life.  I would call it an extremely successful workout!

Training has been progressing well with only the occasional ache or pain (mainly in my shins and calves).  I'm actually looking forward to longer runs while I await the arrival of milder temperatures and less layering.

Happy Running!

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