Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pittsburgh Marathon Training: Week 17

The clock just keeps ticking bringing us closer and closer to race day.  Going into this week, I still had a good bit of trepidation as my body just wasn't healing like the taper was suppose to accomplish.  I had a feeling that more days of rest days were ahead than mileage.

Monday: 4 Miles - After Saturday's run and taking yesterday off, that internal struggle of whether or no a I should run has been playing havoc with my head.  Since my knee seems to get just as tight from sitting around as it does while working out, I hoped that putting a few miles wouldn't do more harm than good.  Taking things relatively easy after lots of foam rolling and stretching, the soreness only developed during the final half mile or so.  I'd call that improvement.

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: 6 Miles - Following a rest day, I was feeling decently well going into today's workout.  In having an event at school in the evening, I brought my running gear with me so I could squeeze in the run between the work day and when things got rolling at night.  Between the ascents, downhills, and uneven sidewalks, I was hurting by the end.  "Overdoing it" would be an understatement.  I resolved to take the next few days off to get myself back to where I had been on Monday.

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 8 Miles - Over the past few weeks, our group has been slowly shrinking as each person runs his or her goal race.  At this point, the only people left were those of us taking on Pittsburgh next weekend.  We kept a relatively gentle pace talking strategy for the race as well as just joking around.  Before leaving, a few of us made plans to run the marathon together, since we are shooting for the same goal time.  It will be nice to have the support when the miles get tough.

Sunday: Rest Day

Well, my prediction at the beginning of the week came try.  Most of the time this cycle was spent just trying to keep further damage from occurring.  With only a week to go, my confidence level for hitting my goal had greatly dwindled.  But at this point, there is not much more that can be done than just to do my best - that's all that can be asked.

Happy running!

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