Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pittsburgh Marathon Training: Week 13

Round two of peak week is under way!  Once again hitting 50 miles, I'll be conditioning my body with lots of time on my feet.  I'll also be wrapping things up in the end with another marathon pace run to help gauge my readiness.

Monday: 6 Miles - In staying after school for a meeting, I decided to let today be a "neighborhood exploration" type of run.  One problem: I miscalculated how far I had traveled from my starting point.  Not going to lie, there was a little part of me that figured this would happen. Whelp, guess one extra mile won't hurt in the larger scheme of things!

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: 10 Miles - Due to my wife having a meeting after work, today resulted in a daddy-daughter bonding run.  Being able to share with the peanut something that I love does mean a lot to me and she doesn't seem to mind spending time in the stroller looking at the people, nature, sky, everything.  I imagine that many runs this summer will be with my favorite running buddy.

Thursday: 5 Miles - After pushing a stroller for so long yesterday, the miles today felt fairly easy as I joined up for "Shoes and Brews" again.  The crowd had grown since last week as word spread of what our group was doing.  People of all ability levels and running backgrounds joined us reflecting in a great way the diversity of the running community.

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 20 Miles - In usual Pittsburgh fashion, the weather had somehow shifted from warm and clear skies to dreary grey and cold rain in a matter of 48 hours.  This was of course just in time for the long run.  The original plan had been to follow the same trail as two weeks ago, but, alas, a rain storm that night before flooded major portions of the path.  As a Plan B and after hearing from one of the other running group members, I headed to the same park as Wednesday planning to work on the mental side of running in knowing that four monotonous loops awaited me.  Maybe it was this negative attitude that made my legs feel so sluggish as I started out.  However, at mile 6 I was joined by one of my running group mates who just so happened to have 14 miles on his training plan for the day.  Between the great conversation and pushing each other a little bit, the remainder of the workout felt worlds better.  Amazing how much difference company can made on a run.

Sunday: 10 Miles Pace - Another week, another marathon pace attempt.  In being comfortable running on hill terrain, moving to a flat path creates a challenge in knowing exactly how quickly I'm moving.  By the end of this run, I was down to 7:55/mile, which is five seconds ahead of what I had completed last week.  Hmm.....

At this point, I have no idea what race day will bring when it comes to time goals.  I've been consistently speeding up my pace runs and feeling pretty decent during them.  However, going too fast is what got me into trouble at Akron.  I'll continue to plan on a negative split and see how things go from there.

Happy running!

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