Monday, December 12, 2016

Tuesdays on the Run: It's Official!

For the past few weeks, I'd been secretly awaiting an email.  It finally arrived on Thursday with some exciting news.  I've been chosen as one of the official bloggers for the 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon!  I decided to apply for this endeavor with that though that I was planning to share my marathon training journey, so why not make it official?

If you haven't noticed from several posts on my blog, I'm kinda sorta like obsessed with running my hometown race.  After racing the half marathon last year, I couldn't wait for May 2017 to roll around so I could take on those glorious 26.2 miles.  To add to the excitement of race weekend, I'll  once again be embarking on the Steel Challenge by also running the Saturday morning 5K.  Last year, this shake-out run felt awesome and I got a little extra bling - best of both worlds!

I'm feeling especially positive about how the marathon will turn out.  I've learned a number of valuable lessons from my first marathon in Akron having been humbled by a distance I thought I knew all about.  I've come to terms with the fact that I have a long way to go before I really master the marathon, but to just take one step at a time and be grateful for where I currently am.  I also have to be realistic about the impact that adding the title "dad" has affected my running.  Sleepless nights with an infant do eventually catch up to you.  But hey, at least I'll get in lots of training of running on tired legs and pushing a jogging stroller basically doubles as cross-training!

If you're considering a Spring marathon, I cannot encourage you strongly enough to join us in the Steel City.  This race is the Goldilocks type in being just the right size for new runners as well as veterans.  You can even use discount code FOX17 to save $10 on either the half or full registration!

My training plan for the race official begins on January 2nd (what better way to start the New Year?!).  I hope you'll follow along for the adventure; I have a feeling it's going to be eventful!

Happy running!

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  1. Congrats! That is so exciting. All the best with your training.

  2. Congratulations!! What an exciting opportunity! :)

  3. What an exciting opportunity! Best of lucky during your training.

  4. How exciting!! Can't wait to hear all about it.