Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training: Week 10

Spring has finally returned to the 'Burgh boding well for some great weather for the race in a few short weeks.  And with the half so close, tapering has begun!

Monday: 4 Miles - I half-expected this run to be sluggish since my long run had been the day before.  However, it would seem that quite the contrary occurred.  With the sun shining and the air warm, I felt alive as an inner drive pushed me on.  In some ways, what should have been a recovery run shifted to that of a tempo run.

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: 5 Miles - With another day of amazing weather, I was excited to take on this workout.  I was pushing myself a bit for no other reason that just to see how long I could go.  I was pleasantly surprised that I kept the same pace as I had done Monday while feeling pretty good the entire time.

Thursday: 3 Miles - Unlike most of my workouts, I decided to stay in the neighborhood by running a route I really hadn't done since I got back into the sport a year ago.  The miles were easy besides finishing on a steep uphill.

Friday: Does mowing the lawn count as cross-training?  The grass really needed it!

Saturday: 11 Miles - I could not have asked for a better run (and confidence builder) than this workout.  I joined up with Steel City Road Runners Club so I wouldn't be completing the distance alone and to try a new route.  The amazing weather added to just how awesome the run was.

Sunday: Rest Day

The jitters and excitement of the half marathon have started to set in.  I've even begun to think about what race I want to do next (maybe even a full marathon?!).  This race can't come soon enough!

Happy running!

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