Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 - The Year of the Great Return

Only a few hours remains in 2015 and, after some perusing through Twitter, realized that I had not taken the time to place into writing my random thoughts on how the year had progressed. In reflecting on the ups and downs of these past 365 days, I would say things have gone really well. In liking the number five and tending to be a more positive person than negative, I figure below I'll give three ways in which the year has been great and two situations that I wish were different, but alas, were what they were.

The Heights
1. The first way in which this year was great is that I returned to running after taking several years off. While the aches and pains to restarting the sport were pretty evident, the days when my runs allowed me to slip into the groove and just go were amazing. My stress went down, my health improved, and I had a hobby that was good for me (and made me more bearable those around me!).

2. The second accomplishment that I am really proud of is completing my first half marathon. When in high school and college, I am not sure I would have ever considered taking on this distance. However, in having survived it, I'm ready to not only tackle 13.1 again, but strive for the full 26.2.

3. Finally, this year, specifically these past few weeks, has allowed me the opportunity to connect with one of my best friends over running. In not having too many friends who find taking on the miles enjoyable, having someone with whom to share stories and even go with on a run has been really great. I'm looking forward to this continuing into the new year!

The Depths
1. When I consider the negatives from this year past, not too much comes to mind. The first challenge that I faced in the three months leading up to my half marathon was a knee injury that I couldn't shake. I wonder at times if I had been able to push myself harder if I could have done even better.

2. My other downside to the year that has set in in the last few weeks is my nemesis returning - shin splints. The pain I thought was long in my past has shown its ugly head. When I was planning on spending the end of the year increasing the number of days I run, I have instead found myself sidelined for the week with my ice pack serving as my faithful companion. Maybe after this time of rest I can get back into things in 2016.

Like I said, overall the year has been great and I'm looking forward to an even better 2016.  Running is a blessing in my life and I am glad to experience it.  I end this year with a special amount of gratitude for that.

Happy running and to a wonderful 2016!

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